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Sunday, April 29, 2007

[Opening of 5th Asean Ministerial Meeting on youth]
If there is one phrase to go by for Youth Caucus that would be "preparation is the key to success".

Amid food, games and fun, there's the serious discussions. As described by Chairman of the Central Youth Council of the People's Association Youth Movement (PAYM), Mr Lee Hong Chuang, the Youth Caucus is meant to be a serious event.

A day before the presentation to the youth ministers in Asean, the four groups worked till late at night just to complete and fully rehearse for their roles during the official opening the following day.

The Learning Lounge at NACLI was reconfigured to the environment to simulate the actual settings. Of course the Hyatt Ballroom is nicer.

The Prime Minister was at Hyatt to officiate the official opening of the 5th Asean Ministerial Meeting on Youth. So the security was very tight - there were two policemen specially stationed there to look after his car.

At the ceremony, PM also announced the setting up of a $5 million Singapore-ASEAN Youth Fund, which will go towards funding joint youth activities and promote networking over the next five years.

This fund will be used to support joint expeditions, community projects and leadership programmes for youths aged between 15 and 35.

Said PM Lee in his opening speech: "Building an ASEAN Community is a long-term commitment that requires a shared vision and common resolve. People-to-people projects like the Singapore-ASEAN Youth Fund will foster this by promoting greater understanding and friendship among the youth of the region, who will eventually be the ASEAN leaders of tomorrow."


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