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Thursday, April 26, 2007

While the delegates are presenting their ideas to the youth ministers at Hyatt, I'm at Far East Plaza.

It's not that I can't get into the hotel but just that if I'm in it will be a bit boring as I can't see and hear what's going on. One has to be in suit to get in and I am certainly not dressed that well.

But it is also a good opportunity for me to use Wireless@sg.

The four plenary sessions held by four distinguished speakers was held at the Brickworks Auditorium at NACLI. Outside guests were invited too.

Elim Chew spoke about Social Enterprise and presented a series of engaging clips. Some of them thought her presentation was boring. They say that they have been through that presentation before.

On Tuesday night the delegates and YLOs (youth liason officers) were treated to a dinner hosted by Parlimentary Secretary of Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports Teo Ser Luck at Ministry of Sound.

Some of the delegates asked me what that ministry does. I told them matter-of-factly that it was in charge of parties.

Apart from the food (the cold noodles were delicious), we were treated to various performances. Well as usual, there was hip hop. Later that night, Teo Ser Luck took to the dance floor.

I think I shall make my way back to the Hyatt to check out the action behind-the-scenes.

More posts soon about the delegates presentation rehearsals.


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