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Sunday, April 29, 2007

[Thai delegates]
For the past two days I spend time looking after the Thai delegates as well. I find them very friendly and cheerful. And they sing well too!

At our closing dinner last night, the emcees had invited delegates to take to the stage to sing songs from within Asean. They managed to pull it of very well. And with humour too.

Similarly, they wowed with their antics during a presentation on Thailand. I enjoyed a good laugh.

Yesterday, I was on the cable car with three of them and brought them around VivoCity.

So while the daughter of the king of Thailand visits Singapore, four prominent Thai youths were out and about in Singapore too.

The Thai delegates are amicable people and they are a fun-loving bunch often drawing laughter from participants of the Youth Caucus. I guess I will miss them too.


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