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Friday, May 25, 2007

[Art in the city]
Minister blogged about the arts scene in Singapore recently.

And my encounter with art began last year when I volunteered for a National Arts Council event - the Singapore Biennale.

This March, the URA and Sing Post had initiated a competition called STAMP. It encouraged participants to decorate our white dull (not that white is always dull, don't get me wrong) looking postboxes in the city.

Each postbox has a little writeup and is related to the vicinity where the mailbox is placed.

From Orchard Road to Chinatown and Raffles Place and even the Singapore Management University. I did submit an entry but it did not make the cut. Another time perhaps.

Another interesting form of art is chalk art (think graffiti art using chalk). Chalk is used to create anamorphic illusions that create a three-dimensional picture when viewed from a particular angle.

Julian Beever is an artist who uses chalk to draw on pavements. He has since created works of art in United Kingdom, Belgium, France, The Netherlands, Germany, US and Australia for over ten years. He was invited by Nokia to draw on the pavement outside Raffles City to promote the latest range of Nokia's Nseries phones.

The piece titled "Souls of Asia" combines the elements of technology (handphones) with tradition (Chinese junk). It looks a little like the Singapore River. Same same but different.