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Sunday, May 27, 2007

[Behind the scenes of Dreams in Flight]
It ain't easy to be a performer because there's a lot of waiting and rehearsals involved.

Apart from spending two days on training, there's still the three other days of performing.

And each time we perform, we have to be there some two hours before showtime. So while waiting, there's lots of time to take behind the scenes shots.

This is the changing room for the Spanish artistes and the wardrobe area where all our performing attires and equipment are stored.

Two special toilets are set aside for artistes only.

Lights - they play an important role in illuminating the performers in the air.

One of the many holding areas for performers.

VIP only. Special toilets for the VIP. Think of the movie Just Follow Law.

The pyrotechnics area. Do not enter. Don't play play.

Dreams in Flight.

The area set aside for important people, media and invited guests.


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