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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

[End of AMMY V]
Last night's dinner hosted by Dr Vivian Balakrishnan marked the official closing of AMMY V.

The event was held at Hacienda at Dempsey Road.

Apart from Pink Guava and Lychee, there was a special non-alcoholic concoction - the NYC cocktail (mocktail maybe since there's no alcohol) created specially for the event.

In his opening speech Dr Vivian encouraged everyone to join him up close in tentage (he probably felt too much in the spotlight as he was the only one inside). Then through the speech he joked and said that the purpose of the dinner is to thank all of us but more importantly to con us and encourage to continue to volunteer drawing laughter from the people present. I hope they did not take it as a joke.

Following the speech was a series of certificate presentations.

NYC volunteerism is different from grassroots work - there's a certain formality and way you have to behave. Grassroots volunteerism is more down to earth. Perhaps it is easier to use a metaphor - if grassroots volunteerism is beer, then NYC volunteerism is wine. But if you ask me if I prefer beer to wine, my answer is that they both have their pros and cons. I am able to do that as I have been through both such experiences.

Volunteering for grassroots has given me the platform to do more. Instead of doing constituency events, I am brought to another level. Then doing things on that level has opened even more doors. I find that I am beginning to form networks outside and even out of Singapore.

Still, one must maintain his roots unless of course one is disowned, forsaken or no longer has a moral obligation to do so.


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