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Monday, May 28, 2007

[Food and drinks after flight]
The parties at arts events are always great. I have to say this again because it is a fact.

Last night, the performers were treated to exotic food, free flow of wine, Baileys, orange juice and fruit punch.

And the food tonight consisted of sushi platter, dim sum and lots of delicious deserts from Pan Pacific hotel.

Even the performers could not resist the temptation to try some of our local fare.

Tonight is also the last night that we performed at the Padang. The turnout was pretty good as well but the last two nights were jam packed.

I hope more Singaporeans are able to appreciate the arts scene. In fact, I wish that Singaporeans can be a cosmopolitan bunch and are willing to fork out money to support arts performances in the future.

With the emphasis on arts and the push to develop the arts scene in Singapore, not only does the Government need to play a part but businesses and the society must work in tandem to move things.


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