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Monday, June 18, 2007

My emotions run high this week as there are ups and downs with people that are close to me. But I shall not share more. That is very private.

These days I handle several projects of different genre. I attend several meetings. Some are back to back. Couple those meetings with the occasional event that I have to attend.

Each project has a specific post-it where I pen down notes. It's like having a separate project file and makes everything more organised.

Training for the PAYM dragonboat team which I am part of has started. Then I was at Zouk on Saturday for a gaming event and also had a short site visit for my upcoming grassroots project.

Then this morning I was touring the Old Police Academy at Thomson Road for another event.

My life is not stagnant.
Everything is moving fast and furious.

My life cannot be stagnant.
I like change and new adventures.

My life is not stagnant but I still appreciate the past.
I look back and think about the memories of my past.

P.S. I know my handwriting is atrocious.


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