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Thursday, June 14, 2007

[Inspiring waterworks]
Watching a few impressions of the show segment of this year's National Day Parade (NDP) will make your jaws drop.

No amount of my vocabulary will be able to describe the experience so the best way out is to provide a video.

And I am pretty priviliged to do so cause I was invited for the media preview of the parade. I have media invites because I'm covering the NDP for Youth.SG. So do read follow my coverage of the NDP there. I found myself sitting in between a journalist from Berita Harian and Today.

After the exclusive preview, all those media personnel were invited to the media booth.

The exterior is pretty cool - you need to push aside the curtains to get in. On the left are the five elements of this year's show segment.

The show culminates and hits a high note when all the performers gather for a curtain call amid pyrotechnics and jets of water. It's a spectacular theatre-style performance not to be missed.

Inside the media kit are two discs. One contains the two inspiring music videos and the other has digital information on the parade proper. I shall not reveal too much as there are embargoes that I need to adhere to.

Well being press is not that bad after all. But it is sheer hard work and a lot of waiting involved (we waited almost an hour for the show preview to start).


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