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Saturday, June 09, 2007

[Why I am not blogging again]
The reason why I have not been blogging much is a simple four-letter word. Work.

But though i have not been very free to blog, I've been trying out lots of delicious food.

Thai food from Siam Kitchen

Think this is Korean food. Aloysius jioed me to try this vegetable and rice dish after my dragonboat race.

This is the crispy crab from the Japanese food stall at the basement of The Cathay.

Chocolate fudge cake from TCC.

Laksa from Katong. Yeah. That famous stall that has a lot of celebrity photos.

And the mango pudding from Ding Tai Fung.

Although I have been pretty satisfied from the gastronomical delights, this has caused a huge hole in my wallet. But well, money can be earned back but food is ever-changing.

I eat to live not live to eat. But nothing is gonna stop me from enjoying good food.


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