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Thursday, May 31, 2007

[Soccer action]
If you wanna have four days of continuous soccer action head down to Ngee Ann City's Civic Plaza.

The adidas challenge Singapore 07 has a cool concept. They have an unconventional stage by making use of the present facilities (creativity points here).

And there's the junkyard where you can have soccer shoot outs.

The outlook is very street - if you know what I mean by that. Apart from graffiti art displays at the event, there are also two tentages of cool adidas merchandise like sunglasses, soccer balls and soccer boots.

But, most important should be the soccer action. There are two categrories for this contest - Category A (under 16) and Category B (under 19).

Two courts side by side complete with stands are smacked in the centre. Other than the sun, the rest of the conditions seem pretty fine. You can go browse for a new pair of adidas sunglasses nearby if the sun's rays are too harsh.

The adidas challenge will run all the way till Sunday - I hear that there's even a celebrity match.


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