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Monday, July 30, 2007

[Food and ice cream]
After two very hectic week and weekends, I am finally taking a well deserved break today.

I mean, when you sleep at 4am in the morning and wake up at 6am, you are bound to be tired.

But I won't see it as torture. I see it as pushing myself to the limit. Wonder which youth does community work like me these days sacrificing personal time to do things not for self.

But of course there are times to relax and chill. My friends keep me sane. So when I jio-ed my da ge (big bro) to go out for a Fish and Co feast (I call it a feast cause we could not finish all the food), he took some time off to accompany me.

The fried calamari is super delicious. It is crunchy and the squirts of lemon tinge the tongue. The New York Fish and Chips is pretty tasty too with a little bit of cheese.

Such meals are rewards that I pamper myself with after a successful event. With the schedule that I have, it is so difficult to even have a proper meal. And that is why I treasure the time and make it a point to go out to a special place to eat.

Ben and Jerry's is another of my favourite hangouts. The branch near my school is so accessible that I can visit anytime I want. Heavenly.


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