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Monday, July 30, 2007

[Dominoes of Dreams and more]
A school charity project called Dominoes of Dreams was launched yesterday.

50,000 dominoes were laid for in various pictures depicting the economy, family, sports, environment and the hopes of youth.

SMU students and freshmen had a series of sales booths during the month of July to encourage the public to adopt a domino at $2 each. The booths were all around Singapore at various shopping malls.

At the malls, I also did some domino laying to attract the crowd. This one at IMM was one of my best ones so far.

At The Cathay, I came up with a different concept as the ground was not very smooth. It looks like blocks of flats but the creative person would see it as several tables stacked up in a column.

Dominoes of Dreams was funded by SHINE. The SHINE committee had provided a grant of $20,000 to cover the project costs. As such, this project also involved SHINE (and directly also involved me).

It like leveraging on each other. So at most places, there were also SHINE booths.

There was a green carnival on 07.07.07 and it was at One Fullerton. You can also get full view of the stunts by the navy upclose here (as there were NDP rehearsals that day). It was awesome and cooling as the night breeze just ruffles your hair.

Other booths were set up at my school - Singapore Management University.

It's a little awkward as there's a super-sized banner of me at every booth. It makes it more fun when people start to recognise that the person on the banner is me. But alas, I am used to such attention and can deal with it with a laugh easily.

Having had some experience in these projects, what I feel is that networks are important - having the right people on board will make a difference to your project.


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