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Thursday, July 19, 2007

[World Council of Religious Leaders]
1. I had an interesting meeting with members of the World Council of Religious Leaders yesterday at MFA. They were here for their board meeting. Ven Ming Yi is the Director General of the Council.

2. The most significant aspect of the Council was the strong representation from the Middle East - Saudi Arabia, Israel and Syria - where religious harmony is a major challenge.

3. We talked about the importance of dialogue and tolerance. Singapore's multi-religious character was of great interest to them because it represents on a small scale what they hope to achieve worldwide. A few of them held Singapore up as a model. I said we should be viewed as an experiment instead because there are still many problems we have to overcome. It is only by being sensitive and watchful that we are able to maintain the present harmonious relations.

4. The next meeting will be held in Hongkong under the chairmanship of Ven Kok Kwong, the Chairman of HK's Buddhist Association.

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