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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

[Jay Chou's Secret]
I've just come back from watching Jay Chou's Secret and it's a pretty interesting story.

Since my usual movie buddies were not able to catch the show, I decided to go watch it alone at the AMK Hub after my classes today. The advantage of doing that is that I can choose to just suddenly walk to the cinema and buy my ticket. Believe me, I've been wanting to watch the movie for weeks now but have been bogged down by schoolwork.

It is somewhat similar to another movie called Dragon Eye Congee starring Singapore's very own Fann Wong. I watched that film during the 1st Asian Film Festival two years ago.

In Secret, the main element would be time travel which is not so evident until the later part of the movie. The flashback scenes and fast cuts were integrated pretty well.

The build up of the story was quite consistant and makes you understand why certain things happened that way in the initial stages. At the most exciting parts at the last few scenes, my heart was thumping as I was eager to know the ending. It kept me riveted to my seat. Initially I had thought that the plot would have a cheesy ending where the main female lead would be a ghost but I was wrong.

This should be Jay's third attempt at acting (I may be wrong though) and he does try to improve. He tries to be serious at times but still draws laughter sometimes when he acts blur or showcases his sillyness. However, he still has not ditched his slurs when he delivers his lines.

Acting aside, I felt that the various tunes in the show were brought out well. Some cuts of the film were quite abrupt though making it feel as though you were listening to a pirated CD.

All in all, Jay's efforts for directing and coming up with the story are commendable. I am looking forward to his next trailblazing piece.


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