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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

[A Sea of Hearts, An Ocean of PAssion]
Come Sunday, President S R Nathan will launch a mosaic of Lego blocks that were pieced together for the President's Challenge 2007.

Students from several schools had spent their afternoon by working on the individual tiles. The tiles, when pieced together, will eventually form the logo that will be launched by the President himself at the event's finale.

After having more that 150 students and some five hours later, the final product was completed. Altogether 160 tiles with Lego blocks were laid out on the floor.

It is a super-huge logo measuring 2.54m by 3.81m created entirely using Lego blocks.

This will be unveiled by the President during the finale on Sunday at the People's Association Headquarters. There is also a carnival and various engaging activities in store for participants. The highlight will be the family-themed competitions - namely Kite Design, Sandwich Design and Making; and T-Shirt Design.

You too can also do your part by adopting one of the approximately 153,600 Lego studs at $2 each. The Organising Committee hopes to raise $250,000 for the charitable organisations identified by the President's Office and the National Council of Social Service.


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