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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

[This is a final post on CCA Day]
CCA Day came and went last Friday.

And true to it's theme of "This is a ..." the materials on the day itself were similar to their publicity stuff. A large banner was the backdrop for the centrestage at the T-junction of SMU's Concourse.

Similarly, the t-shirts that the crew sported had the in-your-face publicity stating the obvious. This is the back view of Kenneth (thanks for offering to pose), one of the guys that I know that are involved in the project.

So I shall continue that trend by saying "This is a bronzed hunk from SMU Dragonboaters". And, no, he was not naked just like what was written on the placard that hung from his neck.

CCA Day is what it is all about - CCA Day. It is where most of the CCA groups in SMU recruit new blood and showcase their wares to the incoming batch of freshmen.

Here are the SMUX people in action. I really want to try inline skating someday.

Game for some adventure?

And at the end of the day, everyone walks home with their hands full. Because they end up having "This is a goodie bag".

There's a chockful of stuff inside from stationery to scents and many, many discount vouchers.

And so this is how CCA Day ended.


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