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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

[Aljunied-Hougang Fire]
1. The recent fire at Blk 683 Hougang Ave 8 was a great tragedy for the Ng family. The police are still investigating the cause of the fire. At the funeral wake, I did not know what to say to the parents of the two siblings who died so needlessly. It was so sad. The father had asked his son and daughter to wait for him and his wife while they retrieved some documents and cash. But somehow the children did not wait and went on ahead. I think they must have wanted to recce the route for the parents to take but were suddenly overwhelmed by a fireball when they rounded the staircase.

2. Had the shops downstairs not clutter up the corridor with their wares, the fire might not have started or would not have been so bad. The MPs and the staff of the Town Council all felt very bad about it. We should have been much more strict in the enforcement. While the Town Council can exercise flexiblity, public safety must never be compromised. But nothing we do now can bring them back.

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