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Thursday, September 27, 2007

[Hey Gorgeous]
This week the Channel U team made their way done to SMU for the shooting of Hey Gorgeous - a TV show that susses out the beatiful girls and hunky guys in various tertiary institutes.

While travelling along the underground areas of SMU, you can bump into Michelle Chia, Dasmond Koh, Fiona Xie (she's hot okay) and Ben Yeo.

So I spent a short while in transit to check out some of the contestants then kena dragged by Fiona and Ben to vote for the guys. I voted for my friend Jin Rui although the hot favourite was Daryl Pan, a who is a contestant in Cleo's 50 Most Eligible Bachelors.

When my friend Belinda asked who I voted for I said: "Daryl Pan is so popular liao surely win one. Vote for my friend better."

My friend made it to the finals instead. Perhaps Dary's fan base in SMU is not that established yet considering he's a pretty new kid on the block.

Swarms of people were voting for the females too. Pity the girls who were made to stand in the heat. It was really hot that day (from both the girls and the weather).

And the SMU winners are Oh Jin Rui and Wu Jia Hui.

Coincidentally, Jia Hui's my friend too. Well, my friends are hot but not me. I'm not whining though.


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