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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

[Surprise at branch]
Something different was brewing at the PAP branch at Bedok Reservoir today.

There were scores of people and the volunteers were on high gear. For one, even before our official opening timing at 8pm, I had started to interview the first resident.

Something special will happen today. Something that I have yet to experience.

Four cases later, I was done.

Watch the teaser to find out what's in store.

It's no big deal but from the buzz, it's quite significant. Actually, it's Minister's birthday in a few days time. And the branch had a huge party and loads of food - golden pillow curry, durian cake (from emi cakes), pizza, garlic bread, mooncakes and nougats - to celebrate.

We also jio-ed some residents to join in but they were shy. Others wished Minister a happy birthday and gave a firm handshake when they left the branch.

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