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Friday, September 14, 2007

[What's in your bag]
Since last week I've been doing a communication research project about the stuff inside the bags of SMU students.

Rather than showing you what I have gathered (which I can't due to confidentiality), let me show you what's in my bag instead.

Some reading material which I usually bring around. The Time magazine was given to me during an event while I am reading the other magazine on energy as research material. 8-days is my weekly dose of entertainment news.

These arty brochures were from the Singapore Art Show. Some are creative and artistic.

The U Square cards are promotional material for three concerts at SMU's university square. Behind that is the commemorative booklet for Convocation. I am at the bottom right corner of the page.

The scraps of paper are notes on research for the printing of namecards. The note book is a necessary item that I carry with me in my bag so I can scribble important stuff. Sometimes I pen down inspirational thoughts inside and random thoughts for my articles in The Straits Times.

Each SMU is a citizen so all of us have this SMU passport. Important details such as my community involvement projects are documented inside. The placard is what I use to identify myself in seminars. The Profs address you by refering to the placards.

It would be interesting to see the stuff in the bags of NUS and NTU students.


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