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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

[Disappearing act]
Over the weekend strange things have been happening. But the things that have happened has proved to a certain extent that we are ready to be First World.

If you take a trip down to Ang Mo Kio MRT station, you do not see anymore national day banners on the lamp posts. In fact, since Friday, the banners have been disappearing one by one. My only guess could be that the town council workers have been going round removing them.

Similarly, the huge national day billboard in Marine Parade GRC, outside the Serangoon MRT station, has also disappeared.

And the final act. Even the buntings that I blogged about last week have mysteriously been taken down. Except for a little portion that is still clinging to the tree.

I was thinking to myself yesterday before leaving the house that if the buntings were still there I would personally remove them and return them to the nearby community club. At least instead of just typing mindlessly behind my computer screen, I could take the initiative to do something for the community here.

But alas, I realised that someone had been there before me.

So happily I went along to Marina Square for a birthday celebration of my best buddy. His birthday is next week but since we are both busy people, we decided to meet up yesterday for a KTV session.

The KTV room at K-Box that we visited had a nice view from the glass window. Apart from having lunch and singing, I was also admiring the explosion of colours outside the window. The room number is K3 just in case you are wondering.

I'm now able to appreciate Evan Yo's music after dissecting the lyrics. They are simple to read and easy to understand for someone who does not have a good foundation in the Chinese language. Pretty meaningful.


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