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Monday, October 08, 2007

1. Two years in a row, I attended an iftar breaking of fast at Bedok Reservoir's Alkaff Mosque. It is coming to the end of Ramadan. Before the ceremony, MediaCorp TV asked if I could record a message for Hari Raya this weekend. I happily obliged.

2. Invited to say a few words, I reflected on the blessings we have received in Singapore. Unlike so many countries I have visited as Foreign Minister, here in Singapore we enjoy peace and development. I thought September 11 strengthened our society. Following that appalling event, the different religious groups in Singapore reached out to one another, partly out of fear and partly out of a sense of solidarity. In a few years, we have established a new pattern of inter-ethnic and inter religious relations. It is now commonplace to invite one another for cultural and religious celebrations. During Ramadan, non-Muslims take part in the Muslim breaking of fast.

3. I was invited to distribute food hampers to needy families in the Bedok Reservoir area. The day before, at Punggol CC, I had done the same in the Hougang area. It is not difficult to find sponsors for such acts of charity. Singaporeans are a generous people.

4. I was delighted to see Haji Siraj who proudly told me he was already 88 years old. He looked much younger than his age. He used to help me at Kembangan. Years ago, he showed me around Masjid Maidin off Changi Road when I was a new MP. We have many such wonderful community leaders who help keep our society strong at the grassroots.

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