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Monday, October 15, 2007

[More tiring days to come]
If only I had more than 24 hours in a day. I would be happy but does it mean expectations of me will rise?

Just finished editing a 3000 plus word report on Thailand democracy. Elections may be affected according to reports now that the King is not that well.

Coincidentally, in church today (after a long, long break from church), we had Missions month. And surprise, surprise, our focus was on Thailand. I liked their short performance. Was watching it from the sound room as usual as I was on duty. A bird's eye view you might say.

I kindof miss my church pals. Haven't seen them for ages and didn't really chat with them today as I went for lunch minutes after service ended.

We went to eat Japanese food at a little restaurant opposite Novena Square. The tempura set was delicious. So was the katsu don.

Not bad. It cost about $45 bucks for three. What a relief from almost a week of mugging and projects.

But there's more to come - two more research papers, three projects, three mid terms - all waiting to pounce on me. And there's still the final exams too.

Some random thoughts: We spend more than half of our current lives studying.


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