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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

[Short breaks]
While the 13th ASEAN Summit is going on in town, I am at home doing my term paper for Democracy. And getting bits of rest here and there.

I've been very tired. Tired is an understatement though. Imagine sleeping only one hour. Imagine getting home at 1am and sleeping at 4am. And waking up at 5am.

But when you are given a task to do, you gladly do it. And the results are overwhelming.

I am particularly proud of my YEC and the SLC. People like Kenny, Kumaran and the Montfort Secondary School boys. Well, pictures speak for themselves.

The YEC had set up a booth for Sunday's carnival for the New Year countdown thingy at the Esplanade. And our Punggol CC YEC has a mark in the waters of Marina Bay.

Minister dropped by to pen his wishes. Peace and happiness to everyone was his message.

Mrs Lim did her bit as well. It was raining very heavily when she was around and the marker wasn't really staying. That explains the double marks on her happy new year message.

Of course, kudos to Gordon, Damien, Edward and Ryan for helping out as route marshals for the walk-a-jog.

More on Ryan's birthday party soon. He's getting old but still looks like he is twenty-plus.


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