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Friday, November 16, 2007

[So many things to blog about]
I have been missing.

Missing in a lot of ways. Doing too many things.

First was a presentation to the participants of SSEAYP. It is short for Ship for Southeast Asian Youth Programme involving some 50 youths from all over Southeast Asia and Japan. I din't see any kawai girls during the presentation last Friday.

Then it was off to class followed by the SMU dialogue session with Foreign Minister George Yeo.

In between was the preparation of the editing and design phase for The Blue and Gold. This is SMU's first campus newsletter. Being the Editor-in-Chief ain't easy man. Especially since this is the first issue and it has been an avant-garde experience. The debut issue (Issue 0) was launched last Saturday and it has been flying off the stands ever since.

There have been compliments and brickbats but I deal with them all the same.

Add to that a series of three projects that encompass three reports and three presentations, one can almost get pretty drained. It's like I have meetings every other day - Saturday, Sunday and even on Public Holidays. My birthday inclusive.

But once the work is done, it's time to pig out. To give myself a reward, my computer as an analysis tool team had lunch at Crystal Jade while my communications project team had a pig-out at The Soup Spoon.

I must say you get a real deal there. The soup's pretty ok tasting - chunky and creamy at the same time.

I actually ordered a meal cause it's really cheap. It's like under 10 bucks for both the soup and the sandwich. I'll bring my bro there someday. He needs a treat soon.

To top up the whole week, I recorded my first radio show for the SMU Campus Radio station yesterday. I've requested for a transfer from Campus TV to Campus Radio cause I wanted to try my hand a doing radio news.

It was cool (not because the temperature was very low) producing the show. I think I talked less than my eloquent co-host and mostly gave the um and the ah kind of reponses. But pretty enjoyable. Daily news next perhaps.

So here's the long awaited update.


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