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Sunday, November 25, 2007

[Tree Planting at Bedok Reservoir]
1. This morning's tree planting at Bedok-Reservoir Rise RC was novel. Instead of only MP and grassroots leaders planting trees, we had, in addition to that, many senior citizens helping to plant a row of hibiscus. The larger participation created a much greater sense of enthusiasm. After that, the mee siam and nasi lemak tasted particularly delicious.

2. Recently, we signed an agreement with China to help build an eco-city in Tianjin. This is going to be another iconic project, taking our cooperation with China beyond Suzhou. Chinese leaders at all levels like what they see in Singapore especially the quality of our living environment. What we have achieved is the result of years of painstaking effort and the involvement of large numbers of Singaporeans keeping Singapore clean, green and in harmony with nature.

3. Our annual tree-planting ritual is a reminder to all of us that this requires continuing effort. Not only is a pleasant environment good for our well-being and morale, it also helps Singapore to attract talent and investments. It was interesting reading this morning's papers about China's PM Wen telling Hongkong's Chief Executive Donald Tsang to keep up with Singapore. CE Donald Tsang replied that he visits Singapore regularly to monitor the competition!

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