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Friday, December 14, 2007

[Back in action]
I'm back after loads of partying. With more partying. You will soon know why.

But first, time to get arty farty. I was in SMU yesterday for two meetings - one an interview with a guy who won some qualitative finance competition and another to guide some writers on their story. This also gave me an opportunity to visit my favourite museum - the Singapore History Museum. There was a lot of time in between so I took a little break across the road.

There are three ongoing exhibitions. One is GROOVISIONS SIN that has a gallery filled with loads of Japanese designed stuff - all sorts. I like their arty boxy t-shirts and the stuff that look like toys.

The other, some masterpieces from the Louvre. There are busts of ancient Greek philosophers - Socrates, Plato, Aristotle - and stuff on the life at that time in Greece. It gives an interesting insight into the role of women during the ancient times and how the men lorded over the household.

The final one is about architecture - nice huge mansions. But I will blog about that on my art blog titled "artblock".

Last night was also the finale of my involvement for the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon. It's F1 fever next year after the Biennale and the Olympics. Yippee.

And here's the shocking news - I met S.H.E! I was back in the newsroom to pick up stuff and there they were staring at me in the face. Selena, Hebe and Ella. What a nice surprise girls.

I'm the new kid on the block for omy.sg (think STOMP) - it's a bilingual web portal (in case you didn't know by now) and I'll be doing my first assignment tomorrow afternoon. Most of the articles there are in Chinese - oh no, I have to go back to school - but I i will be doing English stories for now until I am confident to write in Chinese and speak in Mandarin (there are vodcasts too). That will be exciting and enriching.

Oh how I wish I can graduate fast and be a journalist. It'll be so much fun but hectic as well.

What another rainy day it was. Undeterred, I headed to join my friends at Morton’s bar at The Mandarin Oriental. Dressed in my spiffy formal ensemble, I joined the girls for the Martinis there. Mine was a milky chocolatey one. Plus they served us free bite-size sandwiches with morsels of juicy, tender steak. The kind that melts in your mouth.

I recalled the times where my dad used to bring me along to the hotel and we'd take the lift all the way up to the peak. Daring. I'm all grown up now and think it's a little childish though. But I enjoyed it nonetheless.

Tucked below the elevated bar is a display of pottery - in haphazard fashion - bathed in the warm orange glow.

Thinking about the Martini gets my tummy warm and fuzzy. Just have to watch the weight pretty soon.

And I am so excited about my private trip overseas next week - I get to fly yet again. I have got great company too. More soon.


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