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Thursday, December 27, 2007

[A candelight Christmas]
Candles took to the stage this Christmas.

It was the usual whole day partying. But this year's dinner was slightly different. We lit candles at the dining table to commemorate advent. It was a long table indeed (cause there were more than 10 of us). Plus we had a few guests for Christmas day lunch. About three bottles of wine, both red and white, were popped.

And there were bag loads of presents. We have a special slot in the day's programme to open presents. Everyone has to pose for a photo with the items they receive.

In between food, the kids (and bigger kids like me) played tennis on the WII. I suck at games as usual.

And here's the view from the balcony. The super huge pool (with two smaller pools) is on the other side. I haven't had a splash there. Yet.

To sum up, most of my presents this year are shirts - long and short sleeved. One was scented mango and papaya shower gel.

To look good and smell good for 2008.


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