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Monday, December 24, 2007

Singaporeans love to eat. And when the food is cheap, we eat more.

Most of the meals that I had in Thailand were at restaurants while a handful were at fast food joints.

The McDonald's there serve burgers that you do not find here in Singapore. They have the Double Big Mac!

But the most memorable dishes have to be found at Bangkok's Chinatown - also known as Yaowarat Road. There are wet markets, gold shops and provision shops.

They also have eateries selling bird's nest soup - with honey and ginko nut.

And delicious and concentrated shark's fin soup. Both at very reasonable prices - THB300 and THB500.

On the last night at Bangkok I had western food. At the Hard Rock Cafe in Bangkok.

I tried some 5 ounce beef burger dish. And a little bit of pasta. It's creamy and delicious with chicken and pork sausages.

Well, pretty much about the food in Thailand.


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