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Sunday, December 16, 2007

[It's Christmas again]
Oh my it's Christmas time.

Means my hoildays are going to end.
Means it's time to exchange presents.
Means school's starting soon.
Means it's time for my trip overseas.

I received my yearly Christmas card from minister today. Just like previous years, the outside is the same. It's beige with a circular stamped design (you thought it will be PAP white right?). Smack in the centre is the Coat of Arms - the Majulah Singapura thingy. I am not whining though.

On the inside is a print of a painting - which I think is different every year. I did not look at what was sent last year but I assume that the deisgn is different.

Today was spent at Ngee Ann City. Was doing something unlike what I do for The Straits Times. It's a different kind of story. I hope I did a good job.

It's something to do with basketball. And I got this shot at the event.

Actually I am very grateful for the four years of training at my alma mater - Singapore Polytechnic - it's like I took another diploma during my four years. A diploma in mass communications. The skills that I have gained from on the job training has allowed me to be where I am today.

Back to my holiday. I'm leaving on Tuesday. It's not too far away but I get to take a plane. I think I will promise myself to earn enough to travel every holiday during my university days. I hope I can.

So it's Christmas. I wish... (not sure if this was what I wished for last year).

I wish for safety for my friends and family.
I wish my bro will have good results and graduate with a good diploma.
I wish for good health and happiness for myself.
I wish I would not spend money as easily as I earn it.
I wish that I can find her soon.
I wish for change in Singapore.
I wish my GPA would not rise and then fall like the stock market.
I wish that I will get my dream job when I graduate - it's a realistic job.
I wish I can try something different next year.
I wish for a fruitful and meaningful holiday.

Things happen for a reason.


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