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Sunday, December 30, 2007

[Job scope]
Many a time, people ask what an Editor-in-Chief does. Those that hold the position of Editor-in-Chief at Singapore Press Holdings manage a number of papers. But an an Editor-in-Chief at The Blue and Gold is nothing compared to those big bosses and involves a lot of time and hard work nonetheless.

Apart from deciding a bit on what gets published and the content of the paper, an Editor-in-Chief edits articles and works with his editors (I have two at the moment) to make sure the stories gets sent in on time. In this case it is pretty unique because usually the Editor-in-Chief does not edit let alone editors. Editors usually only decide the content that gets to print.

The Editor-in-Chief also has to have an idea of how he wants the pages laid and checks the copy. He also does copywriting of headlines and second-liners and sets the direction of the publication. Usually in real newspapers, sub-editors handle this. But we have no sub-editors at The Blue and Gold yet.

But one major thing that is important is to take responsibility and reassure the writers that what goes in print is well worth it. And this is an added assurance that the Editor-in-Chief can provide.

I've been reading Confessions of an American Media Man. And this book by Tom Plate documents several aspects of his life as a media man dabbling in print - from being an editor of a newspaper to a relatively new start up magazine.

It is an honest account of the little quirks of interviewing famous politicians, setting different angles of writing about an emerging Asia with countless anectdotes and lessons. It also compares the varying ethics of working with American and British newspapers and the little pranks that British editors pull off on their rivals.

Hilarious, insightful and a deep read.

I completed four chapters in two days and will continue to zip through the book till New Year's Eve before I embark on my next assignment - an exciting countdown party.


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