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Monday, December 10, 2007

[Rain rain rain]
It's been raining non-stop the last few days. As though someone's crying out about rising inflation rates.

Been at home listening to Nathan Hartono. Life is good - a very meaningful song about getting back into love and the feeling and comfort that one is going to give.

And yeah, Olivia Ong is pretty good too. Her bossanova hits are pleasing to my ears. Realised that I interviewed her before during her MIRAI days. That was pretty long ago when I started gaining interest in journalism - like five years ago.

Actually, I lied. I have not been cooped up at home. Maybe only 40% of the time.

On Sunday morning, I brought some residents for a walk. Really. Brisk walk. It's like I woke up at 6am in the morning to bring residents for a walk. I find it interesting that our elderly lead a very active life. I spoke to one who told me that she does taiji every morning from Monday to Saturday.

So we gathered in the wee hours of the morning. I also found interesting things happening early in the morning - a group of elderly folk were doing some form of fan taiji at the community club.

After waiting about an hour (until the rain stopped) for all of them to turn up - 25 of them in all - we headed off to Rivervale Crescent.

We reached Rivervale and waited for the guest-of-honour to arrive. Some were curious. They asked me if the guest-of-honour would be Minister George Yeo. I wanted to tell them it was Michael Palmer, the MP for that area but I couldn't figure out his Chinese name. So I figured instead of embarrasing myself with a funny "mai ke pao mo" I told them to look out for him instead.

The sky opened up before he arrived. Then in signature PAP style, the lightning followed. Joking. But honestly, we could do nothing much as it was an open field so we just walked. And walked as the rain poured. The whole field was flooded and wet. But we still walked.

You have to give it up to Michael Palmer. As soon as the walk ended, he put on his harness and climbed up a rock-climbing wall - shoes wet, and ground slippery. Extra points there for effort. Well he can't lose out to his other parliamentarians who braved the rain to run during SP's sports day.

Life goes on.

After a week of two heavy lunches and one dinner - lunch at The Tanglin Club (delicious chocolate cake with ice cream) and the at Raffles Town Club (excellent juicy steak) and dinner at Long Beach (seafood).

Two more dinners lined up this week. I just got back from one to celebrate and to network with the leaders from both route and drinks for the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon. And we have part 2 on Thursday at the National Stadium. Met interesting people and my junior who was a manager for the other drink sectors for the marathon. Small world.

And, yes, it rained again. But still it was comfortable at the restaurant. Though a little cold.


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