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Sunday, December 23, 2007

I last visited Thailand in 2005. That was in October just after I started working.

This trip is very much different from the last in different aspects.

The first thing that struck me once I touched down on the tarmac was the airport. It is somewhat like Doha's airport now. You have to transit on a bus from the plane to the airport.

But, nothing beats the view - you don't get scenery in Singapore because Changi Airport has a aerobridge from the airport to the plane.

It was the first time that I am flying in the afternoon. Last year, both flights were in the morning with two late at night. So it was a change. On my return trip, it was similar to my Vietnam return flight - across the late afternoon to evening. Hopefully it did not rain this time.

So instead of a dark dark sky, I managed to take a lot of nice photos from the plane this time.

The new airport in Thailand is fantastic. It is as huge as a terminal at Changi. The architecture has curves and sturdy metallic structures.

The Thais have caught up. The airport now has a host of upmarket shops like Hugo Boss and Gucci. It was much different two years ago.

Even the view from the top floor looks just like Singapore's Changi Airport. Ditto for the check-in counters and the immigration booths. The ceiling of the airport is made of glass to allow the sun's rays to penetrate thus illuminating the surroundings.


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