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Thursday, January 24, 2008

[Another week of news]
I'm learning. Really.

I know I shall not be so private with my life. The more you want to hide, the more poeple want to pry. So here goes.

As the weeks go by, I learn. I learn how to do my radio broadcast better. I learn to use the software with more style. It's all part of learning by doing. Unlike last week where I had to get help I didn't have the jitters recording my news today. And I added in a bit of my style.

I am becoming more vain too (the latter is not true). Actually not really vain lah. I wore shorts and slippers to record the news today.

I did try something new though. The curious me decided to listen to my broadcast. I realised I speak very fast. Okay, I know I should speak slower. I will try to next week.

Some things are like economics and public policy. You set it up and slowly modify the policy through its phase.

Recording for my news is usually done in Studio 2 - it's the not so glam one. I shall show you people Studio 1 next time. It's like those FM93.3 studios man - very very cosy compared to Studio 2.

Nevertheless, I love being a newscaster for campus radio. Really.


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