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Sunday, January 27, 2008

[Breathtaking view]
If there's any word to describe this week, it would be "recee".

Friday comprised two visits - one to Bedok Reservoir and the other to Kenny Yap's Qian Hu. Then it was another outing to The Pod at National Library.

This is in preparation for a dialogue session on rising cost of living amongst youth to be held on February 2. I guess I'll leave the pictures to speak for themselves with regard to the breathtaking view.

Last but not least, I shall attempt to generate interest for the event. I'll be the moderator for this dialogue so do drop by to support me at the National Library. Plus, you stand to gain some knowledge of what is being done to help the middle class cope as well as what other youths think about the topic.

Maybe I'll try to be cheeky and ask about the reshuffling of the Cabinet and whether Singapore can have the first female minister.


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