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Sunday, January 20, 2008

[Duties and FTB]
Haven't been blogging. In fact, I think minister blogs more often than I do now!

Perhaps there's nothing really that interesting to blog about. For now.

For three Saturdays in a row, I've been having back to school fever - being holled up in school halls of primary or secondary schools - doing my emcee duty for scholarship and bursary presentation ceremonies.

My voice's almost gone. The final blow was last night when I was hit by a bout of flu. And I couldn't sleep due to my heavy dose of cinnamon latte earlier. Coffee almost always keeps me awake.

But I have been able to fit in a little bit of shopping. Went with Jesslyn to find Jasper at Paragon en route to my FTB gathering at Clarke Quay.

And after meeting my FTB group (people like Joseph, Jit, Jun Kwang, Evan and Caryn), we headed to that fish shop opposite Central (I think it is called Fisherman's Wharf or something) for Creamy Dory Fish - think the not so coffee shop or food court style of Fish and Chips. The lower grade version of Fish and Co. but still nice nonetheless. They serve crispy calamari with a tinge of garlic.

We were supposed to go to the Bondue bash (organised by the SMU business school) at arena but decided on a less crowded place instead. So we talked cock (stories about the movie Free Willy) at tcc at Clarke Quay while the rest of the SMU people were at the next door location.

Halfway, the fireworks danced in the sky like fairies. It was the Chinese New Year launch thing at Chinatown.

The day (or night) ended with bungee ogling at Clarke Quay.

I couldn't have imagined the consequences if I had gone clubbing. Maybe I would end up not even being able to blog now.


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