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Saturday, January 26, 2008

[Getting closer to the water]
Very soon Bedok Reservoir can have its own national day parade of sorts. That's my daring vision.

I was there this afternoon for a site recee with more than 10 other people.

It's for our annual release of fish event. And it is a inter-agency collaboration - PUB, NEA, Nparks, town council and the list goes on. But that is not the most exciting thing. The most exciting thing is being one of the very first few to go onto the floating deck.

It's very much like the one at Marina albeit a smaller scale. Throw in fountains, fire machines and lights - and viola - it's almost like the parade (I know cause I covered NDP 07 and managed to tour the floating platform).

Little by little, step by step I tread onto the platform. The material for the ground is slightly different though. The one at Marina is a little slippery. But you really can get close to the water. Even got scuba divers underwater. Pardon the singlish.

Within the next two weeks, work is gonna get completed. Just in time for Chinese New Year.


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