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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

1. Kumar? Kumar, the entertainer ..., that Kumar? Yes.

2. I was pleasantly surprised when told that my interviewer for the Arts Central programme on the Berlin Wall would be Kumar. I had of couse met him before at various events and knew he often cracked jokes about Singapore ministers. The programme was recorded at Temasek Poly on Tuesday. Kumar was dressed in fashionable all-white. When I shook his hand, I could not resist commenting that it looked PAP white.

3. He was polite (surprisingly) and funny (as always). On the Berlin Wall, he played 'buat bodoh', asking me basic questions for the benefit of viewers who might not be familiar with the history. Before I knew it, the interview was over. Kumar was the skilful interviewer who drew the interviewee out without him quite realizing it. I hope it turned out well.

4. Sheikh Haikal was next to be interviewed. I was tempted to stay on and watch his performance but took the hint from the producer that my presence wasn't needed.

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