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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Every Thursday is my news slot on campus radio - it's quite fun to be recording in the studios.

The only thing that I gripe about is when I have to do the clip all over again just because on one word!

And I am so forgetful that I can't seem to get the steps right on the editing and the cue-ing.

News clips are titled in the studios as such: WEEK 02 THU 6PM NEWS.

The news repeats at 7pm and 8pm. But I rarely have the chance to listen to myself on campus radio.

Anyway, for the record here's the script of my debut braodcast.

Good evening and welcome to the news on Campus Radio.
I’m Ephraim Loy

Leading the bulletin this hour
The teenager who became a controversial global media star after a wild party at his parents’ house in Melbourne has been arrested. The 16-year-old decided to throw a party while his parents were on holiday. Police yesterday laid charges against the teen, who cannot be named under privacy laws. The charges include creating a public nuisance and producing child pornography. The teen is now out on bail.

Nearer to home, Malaysia is planning to bar Singaporeans and Thais from taking home staple foods like flour and sugar to avert shortages of the subsidized goods. The move comes after the government was forced to flood the market last week with thousands of tonnes of cooking oil and flour as shortages left supermarket shelves stripped bare and restaurant owners warning they faced disruption.

In local news
The first Singapore Airshow takes flight and visitors can indulge in a slew of treats. A total of 42 flying machines comprising warplanes, business jets and helicopters will greet visitors at the show’s static display area. Singapore’s very own Black Knights will also be performing.

The excitement over the upcoming Formula One races in September raced through the heartlands yesterday as Ang Mo Kio Secondary School held their own F1 race in their school hall. The event was organised as part of the school’s three-day learning festival.

On the sports front
Singapore’s most famous sports couple, Ronald Susilo and Li Jiawei, broke up amicably last week after a 4-year relationship. The couple were engaged after the 2004 Olympics, after shuttler Susilo proposed to table tennis star Li upon her return from Athens. The break-up was a peaceful one and both athletes maintain that they are still friends.

This news bulletin has been the courtesy of My Paper.

I just hope I get better and better at this.


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