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Monday, January 28, 2008

[Youth Olympic Games]

1. Singapore has quite a good chance of hosting the first Youth Olympic Games in 2010. Although the new sports complex will not yet be ready, we have more than adequate facilities. Singapore is also a wonderfully cosmopolitan city, and safe. I am sure Singaporeans will give a very warm welcome to all the international athletes and spectators. We have no aspirations to host a full-fledged Olympic Games because it is very costly. But the Youth Olympic Games is different. The idea is to avoid huge public expenditures and excessive commercialization. In some ways, the Youth Olympic Games will be truer to the original Olympic spirit.

2. But, wow, imagine us being given this exciting honour. We should think of ways to involve as many Singaporeans as possible and become like a national host family for all participants. In an email, Ephraim asked Harold for wacky ideas. We need lots.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mr Yeo,
I am currently a Junior College student and I would like to comment on Singapore's bid to hold the Youth Olympics.
I think we've a high chance of winning,and we will eventually host the Youth Olympics.I think it'll definitely help from an economics perspective,taxi drivers and such.
However,Singapore is a land scarce place,we don't want to see the issue of packed MRTs and buses being the norm in Singapore.It's really sad to see the state of our public transportation today.Every day,without fail the MRTs will be packed to the core,during peak hours.Furthermore with this Youth Olympics deemed to take place,it would exert alot of pressure on our transportation system because it has to withstand the high volumes of people.
We need space,that's the bottomline,to have a higher standard of living.
I urge you ,Sir ,as a responsible servant to the people,to voice these issues and raise these pressing concerns.
Thanks and Regards

Friday, February 01, 2008 7:01:00 pm

Blogger George Yeo 杨荣文 said...

Minister Raymond Lim announced recently major plans to improve the MRT and the road network for cars and buses. In the coming year, the total length of our MRT rails will be doubled giving us the sort of connectivity we see in London and NY today.

Monday, February 18, 2008 8:49:00 am


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