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Friday, February 01, 2008

[I've improved]
What you see is NOT what you get. At a glance, this Porsche seems to be just an ordinary car. But look at the number plate and you would be shocked. It actually belongs to one of Singapore's most famous starlets who has shot a Hollywood movie.

It belongs to Singapore's number 2 on Caldecott Hill - Princess (not sure if she is still considered a princess, maybe Queen would be more apt) Fann Wong.

I was on my way to Keypoint West on Wednesday and spotted her car outside Hotel Intercontinental at Bugis. Turns out that it was the Press Conference of Ah Long Pte Ltd - that gangsta movie.

Keypoint West is a very tall building at Beach Road and if you look out of the window at the 33rd floor, this is what you would see.

Perhaps you might be curious about why I was there. But there's only so much I can say as I am to keep details "strictly confidential". I can't even hint.

Yesterday, was my third time reading the news for the 6pm slot on SMU Campus Radio. And I have learnt some new tricks on how to do it better - I use the computer and make my script appear like it is on a tele-prompter. Then I scroll it down and read the sentences. It just flows better than using a piece of paper.

Constant improvement is the key. It's learning by doing. And I'm proud to say that I have learnt well.


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