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Sunday, February 03, 2008

[Karaoke at Hougang Central]
1. For the karaoke finals at Hougang Central last Saturday evening, there were two categories - seniors and open. Twenty contestants for each category sang with passion in Mandarin, Hokkien and Cantonese. The standard was very high. Some were dressed for the part. Even though the event ended rather late at about 11.30pm, the crowd stayed on to my pleasant surprise.

2. This event was organised by the CCC Shop Committee to bring more people to shop and eat at Hougang Central. Philip Wee, Koh Hup Leong and others organised the event. I don't think they appreciated the singing that night because there were a few technical hitches to which they responded with urgency SAF-style. A blown TV set and a faulty DVD player were quickly replaced. The show had to go on and it all ended well.

3. After so many years, karaoke singing has not run out of fashion. There is something about the medium which encourages everyone to try and do better than what he is ordinarily capable of. Unlike Singapore Idol and other shows, karaoke draws the audience to participate which creates a sense of interaction and community. Politics should be like that, an interaction and not a performance.

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