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Sunday, February 03, 2008

[Lift Upgrading at Blocks 428 and 430, Hougang Ave 10]
1. I was greatly relieved when RC Chairman Peter Tan messaged me on Monday night to say that the affected residents of Blocks 428 and 430 had voted 100% for lift upgrading. When HDB alerted me two weeks before that some of the residents at Block 428 were undecided, I got worried. The cost per household was only $625 while the benefit was far greater. While younger residents might not need the lift now because they lived on the second floor, they will one day. And the market value of the flat would also be better. Having fought for the two blocks to be upgraded, it would have been a tremendous pity if fewer than 75% of the residents voted in favour. A week before the voting, in fact, the day before I flew off to Europe with PM, I visited Block 428 with Peter Tan and other RC members. Unfortunately, only two of the seven affected houseowners were in. But I think they spoke to the others and, in the end, everyone voted in favour.

2. On the day of the voting itself, we had a small makan. It was a breezy afternoon and residents sauntered by, some to vote, others to find out what was happening. I ended up chatting with the residents about various issues. One lady came with a prepared list of complaints. Others were happy just to talk.

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