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Sunday, February 17, 2008

[Lucky marathon]
It's been a tiring week. An I am almost exhausted. That is how it is. While people look forward to Chinese New Year, this is the peak period for events. And by that I mean a lot of events. Lucky thing I was only involved in two.

I will be on holiday the week after. But then I'll still be in school preparing for the next issue of The Blue and Gold. Talk about having a finger in many pies. Hopefully I will pull through. Talk about being lucky.

I barely slept for a few hours on Friday night after preparing the script for Fish for Luck @ Bedok Reservoir. And it was back to the reservoir just slightly after sunrise the next day.

Screamed and shouted for the event on the floating stage (I fantasised about hosting the NDP) and my voice's almost gone. Luckily my voice is still intact and I have two other emcees to bear with my banter and nonsense on stage.

And that's not all. See if you can spot the dark rings under my eyes and my puffy eyebags. Look closer. After a long morning, the afternoon was saved not for a well-deserved rest but another meeting. Well, whatever keeps me going. At least I managed to sleep well that night.

The climax of the three day event marathon today at the Istana. I was lucky to be selected to go for the third year in a row.

It was an exciting twist of power play on the lawn. One can see how people manipulate their way to get a photo with Minister. This year they had someone to help them with the photo taking. Lucky people.

I hope to end this post with luck.


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