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Thursday, February 07, 2008

[News on Chinese New Year]
It's Thursday. And it is my turn to read the news again. I'll be on the whole day (12pm, 1pm, 2pm, 6pm, 7pm, 8pm) as Shaylee is back in Malaysia and I took up her slot as well.

My 12pm news was just broadcasted. And I used Studio 1 to do the recording. Apparently the mics in Studio 1 are not as crystal clear as those in Studio 2. There's something that makes me sound muffled. But it was an experience.

And it's easier to read my script as there are three computer screens in the studio! I load my script on the computer on the right. The fonts are pretty large and I scroll up and down as I read the script. It's sort of like the tele-prompters that are use for TV news. The mp3 track called News Bed is also loaded on this computer.

On the left computer is the recording software that captures the background mp3 track and my voice on the microphone. There are lots of stuff you can do on this software - like making the track louder etc.

Too technical?

Here's what I do in simplified form. I set up the recording software (left) and set up the News Bed (right). Simulataneously, I click the record button (left) and click the play button (right). Next, I load the script (right) and I start reading it using the mic. I keep reading on by scrolling down. Once everything is done, I stop the recording (left) after two minutes when the News Bed ends.

And it's done!

The next few steps involves cueing the track on the day's playlist.

Does this inspire you to be in radio?


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