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Friday, February 08, 2008

[Opening the Year]
1. I was invited to join the Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry for the celebration of the New Year. This is an annual event to which many diplomats are invited.

2. The mood was upbeat tinged with concern about the financial turbulence in the US which must affect us. There was also considerable sympathy for the millions of Chinese who are suffering from an exceptionally cold winter. It was good for SCCCI to ask for donations as a gesture of our concern.

3. I talked about the present economic situation and the need to keep an eye out for those around us who need assistance. Everyone is hoping for a good budget next week. But it is not just government. The business community can also do a lot to keep prices affordable and extend helping hands. We should always Chinese New Year as one large extended family and include non-Chinese Singaporeans.

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