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Saturday, February 23, 2008

[Time to shokudo]
My International Economics project group (except Eu Fung) Reuben, Eunice and Ramona went to Raffles City to check out the new wing. We went to shokudo, the Japanese version of Marche. I call it the Japanese version of Marche because the whole eating concept is just like Marche.

You enter the place and they give you some ultra big chess piece with two words on it. It's supposed to mean "reserved" and you can place it on the table while you grab food. There's also a card that tracks your purchases. Quite like a credit card - the one you use at Marche is this super huge white card which is different.

The variety of food is mostly Japanese. Though there is still that potato thingy (I think it is called rosti) and there's also the crepes. I kind of regretted ordering something very ordinary - salmon and egg rice.

But the green tea drink is quite refreshing. I dunno what is inside that makes it delicious. It's a little powdery towards the end.

And you can pose there. Thanks to Eunice who kept being my pro photog. There are swords everywhere! And lots of Japanese calligraphy. At least in the area that I was eating at.

But that's the max that you can go. No Ephraim swordsman and his stunts. The cable tie prevents you from removing the swords. After a while, the fun dies down.

Oh yeah, talk about swords, there's one in my bedroom! Actually there are two (there's the metal one and one wooden one).

The main reason to go there is to try the food. I'll try the Japanese pizza the next time. It looks very slim and crisp.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, I chanced upon your blog while reading Timeless Facade. I had dinner at Shokudo today. Interesting place, interesting food .... Yv

Tuesday, March 04, 2008 1:06:00 am


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