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Friday, March 07, 2008

[The helipad]
As mentioned in my first post today, I have been invited to many parties recently. A lot means three parties in the last two weeks - Ministry of Sound, Velvet Underground and Equinox - plus other buffet sessions.

The kind people at EA invited me to a gaming party last night. I was also supposed to go for the SMUSA Awards Night at Velvet Underground the same night but gave it a miss (you'll find out why later).

The EA party was held at Equinox. It was my first time going to Equinox (I heard it was really cool from others). At first I didn't know that it was gonna be at the Equinox. The venue on the invitation was "helipad".

When I realised that it was at level 69 I was like: "Cool, I finally get to see the very much talked about Equinox." And then, I sensed more.

There was a mystery about the helipad. A friend that I met there asked me if I had been up to the helipad. I asked him what he was talking about. He said: "See that queue over there, that is to the helipad."

I was like cool, you mean there's really a helipad. I thought it was supposed to be a metaphor. Well, the perks of being Editor-in-Chief, I grinned.

It was a long way up. From level 69 to 72. Up and up and up (not the GST mind you).

Finally you see the black EA boards. And the fresh air enters your nostrils once you climb the stairs to the top. Am I reaching the helipad?

Okay. Got it. At first it looks ordinary. There's red and white wine, free flow of beer and lots of people lounging around.

The gobo lights swirl. The strong wind blows, there's music spinning. Must have burnt a hole in the pockets of the organisers.

There's only one thing that cannot really be experienced as and when you want it. The superb view from the top of Singapore's tallest building. The view is magnificent. My friend commented that SMU is just like a small flat piece from above.

So there you go, the helipad. Nice place to visit.


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