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Friday, March 07, 2008

I have so much to blog about and one of the reasons is because I have been so busy attending events that drain me.

But first, let me give some updates. I have so many community projects, school projects and special projects on my hand that I am almost going mad.

I was in school just last Sunday doing the March issue of The Blue and Gold and preparing for the MR 500, a dragonboat race at Lower Seletar Reservoir. Haven't been training hard but training will start tomorrow for another dragonboat race in April.

The March issue is finally on schedule. I was busy with it almost the whole week. Of course there were parties too. More on that in the next.

It has been months of compiling articles, looking at drafts, setting the agenda on what to cover. Then the real work begins.

After my overworked Art Director does the layout, it's time for the second round of editing on the large-sized proofs.

Many edits later, the file is sent to the printing company where the final proof-reading is done. It's printed on the actual newspaper material where finals quality checks on the printout is done. When that is completed, it goes to print.

I'm so happy we're gonna get the March issue tomorrow just in time for the SMU Open House. It's our final issue (it's quite a bumper one as it has 12 pages) for the accademic year and plans for the next have been underway. Exciting.


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